Consultant F.A.Q

These services is for Producers, Artist and Companies who looking for professional advice on how to better them self in the Entertainment business.

Areas you might need Consultant


1. Producer and Production

How to Legalize your Production Company

What’s the best Publishing Company to register to as a Producer.

How to better your Production Company and Beats.

How to sell your Beats and what will be a good price to start from and who to sell too.

How to shop Beats to Record Labels and build a relationship with them


2. Artist

What’s the best Publishing Company to register to as an Artist.

How to make a Artist work sheet that will help you get closer to your goals.

How to get a Record Label to sign you.

How to build up your name in the Music Business as an Artist.

What will be the best deal to sign to as an Artist.


3. Companies

How to get your company register

what the first steps to take with your Company

How to find the right team to build your company

What’s the best deal for a Management, Production, Indie Label, or a start up Company.

How to Develop your company Bran.

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