Beat Store

Welcome this store was designed to provide Beat services on 3 different levels you can Lease, Buy, or get Customize Beats made just keep in mind for each level the prices change. Click title of the Beats to see your option of purchased Thank You and Enjoy


  Name Type BPMStarting at
Put It Up Club Dance Hiphop 149$100.00Buy
Move Over Smoove Hiphop Gangster 145$100.00Buy
Slow Ride Smoove Hiphop Gangster 82$100.00Buy
All The Way Club Hiphop 164$100.00Buy
Room Turning Club Dance Hiphop 117$100.00Buy
Play The Wall Hiphop Hardcore Drama 84$100.00Buy
Real Heat Club Hiphop 156$100.00Buy
Getting It All Hiphop Drama 155$100.00Buy
Club Head Club Hiphop 168$100.00Buy
Another World Hiphop Story 150$100.00Buy
Don’t Test Me Hiphop Drama 157$100.00Buy
Push Hiphop Drama 135$100.00Buy
Face Off Hiphop Hardcore Drama 80$100.00Buy
Bout It Hiphop Drama 130$100.00Buy
War Zone Hiphop Hardcore 87$100.00Buy
I Remember Hiphop Story 143$100.00Buy
What Now HipHop R&B 96$100.00Buy
Clockers Hiphop Trap 140$100.00Buy
Mind Right HipHop R&B 87$100.00Buy